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Security tool cabinet introduced
I. Overview:

In the electricity sector, in order to strengthen the industry service awareness, improve power supply reliability and operational safety, extensive use insulated tools for live maintenance operations or operations, damp and contaminated insulation insulated tools will decline, it will seriously endanger the maintenance, operating personnel life safety. State Quality and Technical Supervision Administration also clear insulation manipulation tools, live working tools and insulation protection tools supporting management, use, made stringent requirements, therefore, live working tools and instruments to strengthen security storage conditions and management, providing a warm humidity is relatively stable, convenient access to a small environment, in order to achieve insulated tools moisture, loss prevention, the effect of dust, insulation live working tools to ensure the safe use.

Original live working tools baking room using infrared lamps, manual control, there is a tool after drying, humid air can not be automatically discharged, easy to absorb moisture in the air once again becomes wet drawbacks. Of course, the latest automatic live working tool room temperature and humidity control system, is to secure the operating system insulated tools dehumidification drying by warming to reach humidistat purposes. But the tools housing investment is high, the drying process is slower.

Currently, smart insulated tool cabinets have many across the country promote the use of the power sector, power sector to get recognition and support, users are welcome to choose.

Second, it works:

Use of environmentally friendly no compressor dehumidifier, programmable microcomputer Moisture absorption cycle, the Japanese PTC ceramic hygroscopic disc (physical adsorption efficiency and renewable materials) Powerful dehumidification.

Third, performance, technical indicators:

1 dehumidification micro heating system: use environmentally friendly no compressor dehumidifier, programmable microcomputer Moisture absorption cycle, Japan hygroscopic PTC ceramic plate (physical adsorption efficiency and renewable materials) Powerful dehumidification, filtration, dehumidification stable, slightly heated, counter cold outside poor safety equipment to prevent moisture condensation caused by electric shock, flashover.

2 microcomputer control: microcomputer LED display, automatic temperature and humidity display control, timing control, can simultaneously capture, measure the inside temperature, humidity cabinet, cabinet outside temperature, humidity and other data outside the cabinet, and displayed on the controller panel.

3 microcomputer control cabinet temperature and humidity regulation, in a short time (20 minutes) quickly reduce the relative humidity (45%), better than "live working tools basic technical requirements and design guide GB/T18037-2000" requirements humidity more than 60% of the requirement.

4 with safety function: over-temperature limit alarm and independent over-temperature shutdown function to ensure that the temperature is not exceeded.

5 has a communication function, the cabinet temperature and humidity information transmitted through the communication interface to the management information system, the implementation of data storage and analysis.

6 working environment range: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ can operate normally.

7 dehumidification capacity: 10 liters / day.

8 Power supply: 220V/50HZ, rated power: 550W (high-speed operation).

9 Drainage: continuous drainage hose.

10 Applicable area: 5m2-30m2.

Four main features:

1 Low noise, no pollution.

(2) Efficiency: normal operation only 300W, at a lower energy consumption, affordable way, in a timely manner on the safety equipment dehumidification drying for quick, safe and reused.

3 green: the cold catalyst and efficient double filter, double filter clean air, and never with refrigerant R22.

4 to prevent mildew, frost, condensation, can damp safety equipment, items for drying, dehumidification.

5 Health Features: You can control the humidity in the range of human comfort, avoiding damp environment for the body's joints discomfort.

6 solid shape, beautiful, high-quality cabinet with 1.5mm cold rolled steel, CNC bending equipment, metal forming, cabinets vivo using high-intensity green spray treatment, uniform color, beautiful and comfortable.

7 cabinet using flexible building block structure and drawer structure combination, the user can store tools based on the actual situation changed arbitrarily, large capacity, high utilization.

8 control panel with button operation, simple and convenient.

9 The monitor can display cabinet, outdoor temperature and humidity values.

10 cabinet top with rings at the bottom of the installation four moving wheels for easy handling, movement.

11 Overall dimensions: Height 2000 × W 1200 × depth 600.

12 each smart insulated tool cabinets store at least the following tools:

a. insulated gloves: four;

b. insulated boots: four pairs;

c. orders gram bar: six;

d. grounding wire: four;

e. electroscope: six.
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