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Tools vehicles tailored for the automotive industry
Tool cart for tools, cutting tools, parts in the production site of the set management, allowing you to access work items truly punctual, accurate, efficient, low consumption.

Tool Cart is designed for automotive manufacturing industry to provide a safe and convenient access and aftermarket tools and feeding function, the whole stretch ball slide design, two fixed casters, two pairs of brake direction wheel, easy to move.
     Tool Cart Features:

     1, the results of design and high-strength powder surface treatment, able to adapt to the factory complex work environment.

     2, equipped with high-quality bearings and guide, to ensure the drawer under rated load, also easy and smooth opening and closing.

     3, according to need the freedom to choose to configure different height drawers, fully meet the needs of the production site.

     4, can be configured with an oil cushion top boxes, place items to protect from damage and to prevent items from falling out.

     5, locks advanced, with only one lock can lock all the drawers to ensure product safety.

     6, the cabinet bottom with feet to protect the cabinet in place or moved without damage, easy handling with a forklift. Variety of surface colors, to meet the needs of the overall layout of the production site.
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